Wallet.Services accelerate BlockChain development and reduce risk and investment for enterprise and government.

Through a simple Wallet concept, developers readily access BlockChain capabilities, and organisations exploit distributed ledger innovation.

platform for BlockChain innovation


Wallet.Services simplifies BlockChain technology. By providing a highly scalable validated, trusted 'Platform as a Service', it manages technical issues and implements best practice for secure and robust operations.

This approach manages risk and complexity, and allows focus on business model and innovation.

Wallet.Services simplifies BlockChain technology to enable broad adoption.

To the developer, Wallet.Services is an API interacting with BlockChain through a simple Wallet concept, underpinned by BlockChain services in public or hybrid cloud. Its architecture supports full auditability of outsourced BlockChain operations.

Wallet.Services supports business operations through a 'BlockChain business transaction language', an intuitive high-level abstraction phrased in a manner accessible to the non-programmer business analyst.

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We're previewing our BlockChain platform, as the first stage of our product launch. We're limited to supporting just a handful of places at first, but if you are keen to take part in the next round in June please take our developer survey.

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