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Wallet.Services accelerate BlockChain development and reduce risk and investment for enterprise and government.

Through a simple Wallet concept, developers readily access BlockChain capabilities, and organisations exploit distributed ledger innovation.

platform for BlockChain innovation


Wallet.Services simplifies BlockChain technology. By providing a highly scalable validated, trusted 'Platform as a Service', it manages technical issues and implements best practice for secure and robust operations.

This approach manages risk and complexity, and allows focus on business model and innovation.

Wallet.Services simplifies BlockChain technology to enable broad adoption.

To the developer, Wallet.Services is an API interacting with BlockChain through a simple Wallet concept, underpinned by BlockChain services in public or hybrid cloud. Its architecture supports full auditability of outsourced BlockChain operations.

Wallet.Services supports business operations through a 'BlockChain business transaction language', an intuitive high-level abstraction phrased in a manner accessible to the non-programmer business analyst.

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BlockChain technology offers new models for government digital services – enhancing citizen experience, reducing costs, and addressing cybersecurity. We’re working with Wallet.Services to drive BlockChain innovation across UK government.
Derrick McCourt, UK Public Sector General Manager, Microsoft
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BlockChain represents a massive opportunity for the safer delivery of public services, particularly in the wake of recent malware attacks. Wallet.Services was absolutely the right choice for us to run a proof of concept around licensing using their SICCAR platform. They have the capability to help us explore the effective deployment of this technology to the benefit of Scottish citizens and we look forward to a huge progress in this area.
Alexander Holt, Head of CivTech, Scottish Government
We have the opportunity to make significant advances in national cybersecurity with Blockchain. Wallet.Services have the knowledge, capabilities and drive to make these advances – as they’ve demonstrated during the Civtech Challenge with their innovative Siccar solution.
Keith McDevitt, Cyber Resilience Integrator

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