The Student and Graduate Series: Iona Murray of Wallet.Services

The Student and Graduate Series: Iona Murray of Wallet.Services

"For our next instalment, we spoke to Iona Murray of Wallet.Services who is also studying Marketing and Business at the University of Edinburgh. As well as Iona’s professional background, her studies and professional goals for 2017, her interview offers a great insight into Wallet.Services, its work in Blockchain technology and its launch of a new platform for BlockChain developers." 

New Starts

This week the Wallet.Services dev team grew by two.

Matthew Joerrett, graduate of CodeClan has joined the company as a junior developer and is destined to become the first of many (hopefully)full stack Blockchain engineers over the next few years. Initially he will be working on our public API documentation and corresponding developer guides to support adoption of our BlockChain as a Platform service.

Matthew had some unique team integration tactics, including bringing in a homemade customised Wallet.Services carrot cake which went down well with our directors.


Max Flores also came on board as a lead developer, driving the evolution and finalisation of our launch platform ahead of D-day on 24th March. Max brings with him a wealth of software engineering experience from various companies including Barclays.

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Upside and downside to online virtual currency

Upside and downside to online virtual currency

So why bother with Bitcoin?

One answer is due to BlockChain. according to Scots senior technologist Peter Ferry, co-founder and commercial director of start-up Wallet Services out of Edinburgh’s CodeBase creative hub.