Governance Guinea Pigs

Wallet.Services are 3 weeks in to a bold experiment to get small company innovation into Public Sector IT purchasing.

We've been hanging out in the CivTech accelerator conveniently situated along the floor L corridor in CodeBase.

The program is a mix of individuals, tech startup, and more established SMEs whose novel ideas have caught the imagination of SEPA, Transport Scotland, NSS and the Cyber Resilience group.

We're all being "incubated" to build a demonstrator of our idea, driving a departmental procurement and assisting in commercialisation of our technology.

Just 2 weeks in it seems that the Creative Crucible effect is driving genuine quicker innovation and collaboration, in stark contrast to normal Scottish and UK Government IT Project Procurement.

Wallet.Services are enthusiastic about the approach - in building the SICCAR concept, it has given us access to expertise, added to our network, and provided practical and relevant assistance for a young company forming and recruiting a team.

In return Scottish Government are getting quick access to expertise, in our case around the application, management and Security of BlockChain techniques. The CivTech startups are willing to take risks and challenge existing SG thinking in ways which might make Digital Public Services careerists think twice.