Wallet.Services win CivTech Scotland!

Wallet.Services aims to bring BlockChain innovation to Scottish business and government. So we are delighted to win the CivTech® WildCard Cyber Security Challenge for "the best Cyber idea in Scotland".

Citizen interaction with Scottish public bodies is often manual, awkward and inconsistent. This means citizens and business don’t enjoy the joined-up public services of top ranked digital enabled countries public services such as Estonia.

Wallet.Services proposal is for an Open Digital Access and Inter-Organisational Trust platform, enabled by co-use of civic BlockChain across Scottish government and its Public Bodies.

Citizen benefits include time saving, simpler government interactions, and improved inclusion. Government agencies see lowered service delivery cost and reduced complexity. With widespread adoption such a platform can reduce the latency of government services, making Scotland an easier place to do business, and making it more adaptable to shifts in Europe and UK, and the changing dynamic global climate.

During the CivTech Accelerator we'll demonstrate these benefits through a platform proof of concept focused on Registration, Licensing, Validation and the associated multiparty governance actions such as Approval and Notarisation.

Thanks for the opportunity to work closely with Scottish Government over the next 3 months and we are excited to have the opportunity to make government interactions smoother, open and secure