Wallet.Services backstory

Wallet.Services project was born in the early days of BitCoin.

In the early 2010s new organisation rushed in to provide exchange services around the fledgling cyber currency. Very quickly they experienced problems of confidence, integrity and scale. Wallet.Services directors found themselves working with and supporting such solutions, and gained insight into the pitfalls.

Very quickly their eyes were opened to the promise of distributed ledger technology beyond BitCoin, and they set about considering how robust multiparty BlockChain solutions should be architected.

Since then Wallet.Services development has gone through several architectural to produce todays prototype; this consists of secure API and generic instruction processing engine. Its architected around industry best practice and principles of modern public cloud computing scale, and to support arbitrary, multiple BlockChain and consensus systems.

That brings us to 2016 as Wallet.Services v2 prototype is driven by the combined experience of founding directors background in financial technology, strong identity, cryptography, product management and building global software partner programs. Its development is informed by close collaboration with industry partners, such as Scottish Government.

By 2018 this prototype will be made available to an external developer community as a viable platform for BlockChain innovation.