3, 2, 1, (soft) launch!

Our developer platform preview is ready for action. If you want to play, please complete a few questions and we'll tell you how you can join in.

BlockChains allow us to securely process data over a network with parties we don't trust. That makes them useful in pretty much everything happening on the Internet today.

If you build software for a living, now is a good time to learn about BlockChains, and understand how you can apply them to business and computing problems.

But getting started is challenging - you need to grasp a bunch of things about peer-to-peer networks, public-key cryptography, and distributed consensus.

Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly get your application up and running, without this learning curve?

We're previewing Wallet.Services BlockChain platform, as the first stage of our product launch. This preview will give you:

  • a template document sharing application.
  • Wallet.Services API, documentation and client libraries  
  • a hosted BlockChain instance

You'll be up to speed with a BlockChain based app in minutes. This release is built on our custom permissioned BlockChain tech, giving you full flexibility of learning and building on your own ideas. Next up, we'll add public BlockChain support through the same intuitive Wallet.Services API.

Our preview is limited to just a handful of places at first:

  • If you have already subscribed to our website you will have received an invitation to complete our survey. 
  • If you are keen to be in the next round in June please subscribe and we'll get in touch.

We'll be supporting our developer preview with:

  1. a short walkthrough of the platform and API at the Edinburgh BlockChain Meetup on May 25th (also via webcast)
  2. a followup invitation to a  half-day interactive training session in partnership with CodeClan on June 20th
  3. informal support and interaction through our Slack channel

Our aim is to get to know you, get your feedback and shape forward development of our platform. Click the button below to join in,