Introducing Matthew: Developer Evangelist

Hi, I am Matthew - Developer Evangelist for Wallet.Services.  I am relatively new to the world of professional software development - my background is originally in Architecture and property management. After many years of tinkering with code in my spare time, I decided to take the plunge and become a software developer! To kick start my newly chosen career I enrolled on Code Clan’s 16 week “learn to code” course in August last year.

The course packed in a massive amount, from the basics of the terminal and source control, through a whistle stop tour of Ruby, SQL, Java and JavaScript, to the complex battleground of front-end frameworks. One of the most memorable weeks I had was when we were tasked with creating a web app using vanilla JavaScript i.e. no frameworks, libraries or third party code whatsoever! This was tough, especially as by then most of us had already discovered the (off limits) goodness of npm, but it did result in us having a much better understanding of the core language which I quickly grew to love.

Since joining Wallet.Services I have been writing the first applications that demonstrate how our “blockchain as a service” platform can be used. I’ve been using Angular 2 for the front end and .Net Core for the server and API. As both technologies were new to me it took a while to get to grips with them, but once I had them under my belt the blockchain part turned out to be very straight forward. This was of course thanks to the Wallet.Services platform which makes blockchain super easy to use, abstracting it down to 4 simple methods (sorry I had to get the sales pitch in somewhere!).

Although my first love was JavaScript, I have since switched allegiance to its more mature, better behaved younger sister: Typescript. Even though it adds another layer of abstraction (it must be cross compiled to JavaScript), in my opinion even the simple benefits it brings, such as IntelliSense code completion, are enough reason to use it. Any self-respecting developer’s blog post would of course not be complete without some controversy so I’m going to leave you with the following:

Given a free choice you would have to be a crazy person to choose JavaScript over Typescript.

(you can tell me why I am wrong in the comments below…)