Wallet.Services Secures Investment to take Blockchain Solution to Public Services

Wallet.Services announce the conclusion of a successful seed funding round, enlisting a group of tech entrepreneurs and business leaders, to develop the Siccar solution and help accelerate our business success.

Siccar™, applies BlockChain to share data across citizens, government and business to deliver streamlined services whilst enhancing cyber-security. Siccar, old Scots for sure and trusted, was built in close collaboration with Scottish Government's CivTech® unit.

Siccar™ protects sensitive data across regulated process such as license validation, financial product application, or health data sharing. It allows citizens, business and government to collaborate on sensitive data, simplifying citizens digital life, reducing cost and complexity, and protecting privacy and confidentiality.

Wallet.Services Commercial Director Peter Ferry said:

Our mission is to simplify and secure Digital Life with BlockChain. With this investment, we build on Wallet.Services role as an innovation partner in Public Services, grow our BlockChain software development team in Edinburgh, and establish a world-class Advisory Board.

Wallet.Services investors commented:

I am delighted to be joining this exciting venture in what is forecast to be the next major technology transformation. The internet of value, underpinned by platforms like this, will enable new business models to be built and closed systems challenged. Wallet.Services has rightly seen the opportunity and created a platform which can enable such transformations in government and commerce alike, and I look forward to following their growth with excitement. Gordon McKenzie, VP Digital Reasoning Corp
Wallet.Services has brought together a great mix of technology, skills and experience. I pleased to support this top-quality team, who clearly have the skills and determination to take this exciting technology to the market. Steve Langmead, Tech Entrepreneur and former Head of ATOS (Scotland)
Both Waracle & Exception have invested in Wallet.Services, as we believe blockchain will enable both intra and intercompany collaboration, and our combined customer base is starting to explore uses of blockchain. We're excited to be involved and hope we can help Wallet.Services in expertise and network. Chris Martin, CEO Waracle, Ltd

Alexander Holt, Head of the Scottish Government CivTech Unit said:

As a Scottish Government CivTech® pilot alumni, we were thrilled to hear about the conclusion of Wallet.Services’ seed round of investment. We look forward to seeing the accelerated development and implementation of their Siccar platform within governments, thus proving the potential for the safer delivery of public services through the use of distributed ledger technologies. They are a great example to other CivTech® companies and demonstrate the strength of our participants. Well done!

To follow Wallet.Services on their journey, sign up at www.wallet.services. For any other enquiries contact iona@wallet.services. 

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