What's it Like to be an Apprentice at Wallet.Services?

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When you hear the word “apprentice” you probably think of joiners, electricians, plumbers etc. You may also think that those are the only types of apprentices that exist! Well, that is fortunately not the case! The world of modern apprenticeships is still a new one but one that is growing very quickly! I have just completed my first month as a Digital Marketing apprentice for Wallet.Services an exciting blockchain tech startup in Edinburgh! I thought I would start a blog to talk about my experiences as an apprentice in the tech industry.

So, what exactly is digital marketing? Well, it is a bit tricky to explain but I’ll give it a go… by using the Wikipedia definition: “Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.” In summary:  marketing products through digital means. This involves advertising on social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook etc. Creating and updating a website, advertising online through something like Google Adwords, email marketing and much more! So, if you are anything like me, you live online and love all things digital which means all this kind of stuff is truly interesting! Hence why I love my job.


What is it like working in an office? I left school after 6th year and then went to college for a year to do an interactive media course. The only job I had before this was in a mini golf course so it goes without saying the office environment was something different for me.  The Wallet.Services office is in the Codebase building in Edinburgh, right next to the castle! The environment is quite informal, everyone in the office gets along well and has a good laugh with each other. Everybody is very approachable and happy to help, I think I have asked everyone a few questions, at least, at this point! The dress code is casual, we have a great coffee machine, if your work gets done no one sweats you being a bit late in or leaving a bit early. All the employees are extremely hardworking and really know their stuff, the office is a great environment to be in because being surrounded by a bunch of smart, motivated people tends to rub off on you!


What exactly have I done since starting then? What attracted me to the position at Wallet.Services was the promise that I would be doing something different every day. That has been 100% true! I have ordered supplies for the office, booked meeting rooms, make diagrams to be presented to the board, high profile clients & the Scottish government, attended an event at Microsoft, managed the website & social media, taken part in conference calls, been filmed as part of a Microsoft video case study, been a photographer & much, much more!  As someone who loves variety, this has been fantastic! As soon as I get frustrated or bored with a certain task I have 10 more waiting to be finished I can switch to!

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If you are looking to start off a career in tech, or any industry, I strongly suggest having a look at the apprenticeships available to you. I am doing mine through QA so have a look at their website.

Thanks for reading,