Are the Netherlands leading the way with blockchain?

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Since 2016, the Dutch Public Service has delivered eleven blockchain pilots focusing on processes and services it wanted to modernise in different government organisations, positioning the Netherlands as one of the leading countries in blockchain innovation. The pilots are summarised below:

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The results of the pilots were that participating organisations gathered valuable knowledge about blockchain and its potential impact. A specific use case was developed for each organisation, and an informal blockchain network was set up by participants to share best practice and projects emerging from Dutch academic institutions and businesses. Additionally, a government-business network was set-up to collectively develop blockchain applications building on the learnings and outputs from pilots. This network includes large corporations, IT companies, universities, and start-ups.

The Dutch government has defined clear policies with regards to digital identity, value registration and critical personal data management; started a series of small projects in partnership with blockchain businesses of which the failures and successes are transparently shared; and established rules and standards for blockchain code (if it is created with government funding, code should be completely open source.)

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