How SICCAR Helps Supply Chains

Distributed Ledger Technology is not only about security, transparency and provenance. In the big picture, it can contribute to many significant fights against the biggest issues of the current century – modern slavery, cancer and climate change amongst others.

As the objective of the public sector is to improve the quality of life of citizens, it is natural that companies operating in this sector already do their part in reducing issues in society. However, often private sector companies struggle finding ways to include themselves. One way they could get involved is to improve the transparency of their supply chains, since knowing precisely the origin of their resources can reduce fraud and create more trust in the quality of the goods.

Wind Turbine Renewable Energy Wallet.Services DLT

While an Amsterdam-based chocolate company Tony’s Chocolonely is using blockchain to eradicate slavery in the chocolate industry by tracking their supply chain, we are working with renewable energy companies to help them maintain their wind turbines and remanufacture old parts, therefore contributing to the circular economy and reducing waste and pollution.

This case study will be included in our upcoming webinar on Distributed Ledger Technologies in the manufacturing and resources industry. We will also discuss the challenges private sector companies face in collaboration and data provenance and how SICCAR addresses these. Furthermore, looking at our recent case studies in the energy remanufacturing and oil & gas sectors provides a good overview of how the platform is being used currently. The webinar also will also include a demo video of our platform and a live Q&A session.

DLT can contribute to a higher goal and using SICCAR can give the private sector companies a chance to join in while taking advantage of increased security and transparency and efficient cross-organisational collaboration it also enables.

The webinar which this article refers to was recorded and can be viewed here.