Securing Cross-Organisational Collaboration

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We’re passionate about the transformative social, business and technological potential of blockchain. We know that the current underpinnings of the internet – databases (a fifty-year-old technology not designed for data sharing) and TCP IP (a sixty-year-old network tech not built for security) – are not fit for the level of digital life and business activities we do online today. Our sensitive data is overexposed leaving our identities and bank accounts in danger of being exploited. The multiple identities usernames and passwords give us are not controlled by us, the data owners. Businesses’ commercially sensitive data is regularly breached and hacked, and we can’t trust that emails or payment transactions have only been exchanged by sender and receiver. Not being able to work with others’ digital systems leaves private enterprises and public organisations with an IT, transparency, security and trust gap.

Using the unique advantages of the distributed ledger technology, cross-organisational collaboration can be safer, faster, more cost-effective, up to date, trusted and secured.

In our upcoming webinar “Blockchain for cross-organisational collaboration”, we will dig deeper and discuss the current problems in B2B and B2C co-operation and describe use cases where this has been fixed through the application of distributed ledger technology. We will prove the benefits of own SICCAR software platform, developed especially to enable organisations to collaborate safely, and work together securely – across many private sector industries as well as the public sector.

Additionally, the participants will get an exclusive run-through of the SICCAR software by our Chief Product Officer Stewart Pavitt which will demonstrate the simplicity of the user interface and ease of making blockchain secured workflows.

Join Wallet.Services SICCAR webinar: either at 1100 GMT on January 10th, to find out all about the possibilities of Distributed Ledger Technologies for cross-organisational collaboration and the easy application of it via SICCAR software. You can post any questions you might have using the #SICCARwebinar hashtag on Twitter!

The webinar which this article refers to was recorded and can be viewed here.