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Blockchain 101: Part 2

In my previous article Blockchain 101 (part 1) I introduced some of the fundamental concepts of bitcoin.  I ended by promising a follow up post where I would come back and explain proof of work, and this is it!  To recap, I am focusing on Bitcoin in this post to keep things simple.  Proof of work is the way that Bitcoin does things but other blockchain use other systems such as proof of stake or proof of authority...

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Blockchain 101: Part 1

Since starting at Wallet.Services I have learned a fair bit about blockchain but I still find it difficult to explain it to other people!  This is partly because it is such a massive subject which can be approached from many different angles.  So, I thought I would write this post to organise my understanding of blockchain fundamentals and hopefully help a few of you who are trying to get their first bite of the blockchain learning apple...

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