Data Summit 2017

We were delighted to be involved in DataFest 2017.

On Friday we exhibited and presented at The Data Summit, in the spectacular surroundings of The Assembly Rooms.

Our director Peter was asked to feature our BlockChain as a Service Platform in the Innovation Showcase session, alongside 4 other unique tech start-up ideas, including start-up rockstar Jamie Graves. In just 5 minutes he managed to get across the fundamentals of BlockChain, why we should apply it to various business processes and the key features of our Wallet.Services API. He'd definitely earned his 5 o'clock pint!


Renowned broadcaster and economist Tim Harford also keynoted in the afternoon session, discussing the importance of both marginal gains and taking the long shots in the process of innovation.

The rest of our team were exhibiting at the conference and engaging with attendees who wanted to know more about our platform preview, which will be released to a limited number of developers this week. Unsurprisingly the most popular question at our stand was "What is BlockChain?" - how long have you got?

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