The DLT Dali

Last year, our super-talented marketing manager, Iona Murray left the UK for the warmer climes of Milan, to take part in an exchange year as part of her university marketing course. Although she would still be helping us out remotely, it’s safe to say we were a little anxious to say goodbye for a year.

Carina Mattikas

Carina Mattikas

To lighten the load on Jonathan, our digital marketing manager, we hired Carina Mattikas, a talented Estonian, to take charge of events and communications while Iona was gone.

Carina brought with her an enthusiasm the likes of which we’d never seen. She was always a bright, happy face in the office and was constantly coming up with new ideas and creative ways we could improve our marketing. She led our webinar effort, content writing, producing slide decks and presenting it all via live stream. She even filmed, edited and narrated two video demos of our SICCAR platform. If that wasn’t enough, during her time at Wallet.Services, she was the first face people saw at events and trade shows, having planned and organised them herself from start to finish!

It’s safe to say, Carina was a saving grace for us at Wallet.Services and really brought something new to the table. Sadly, Carina left us in May of this year having completed her degree. Alas, all good things must come to an end. But before she left, she gave us all a very special gift: a hand-drawn abstract portrait of each member of the team. You can see them embedded below in this blog post. An incredibly heart-warming thing to do from an incredibly talented woman!

A huge thank you, Carina, for all you’ve done for us, from the team at Wallet.Services. You’ll be greatly missed!