Never mind Cloud 9, we're on (G-)Cloud 10!

The G-Cloud Framework is a UK Government initiative which makes it easier for technology businesses to be suppliers to government. It makes the cloud procurement process more transparent and efficient and allows public sector organisations to procure cloud solutions. Through the framework, we're offering services in Cloud Software and Cloud Support.

Our SICCAR  blockchain platform, to secure and streamline cross-organisational collaboration, has been selected for G-Cloud 10. Now, Public Sector organisations can easily utilise our blockchain platform without the need, or delay, of going through a whole tender process.

Our SICCAR platform is underpinned by our Strategic Transformation support, to help organisations discover the potential for blockchain to their business.

Since UK Government's 'Cloud First' pledge, the marketplace has seen year-on-year growth in sales; and the addition of a blockchain company indicates government's commitment to being connected. Since our recommendation of a Distributed Ledger Technology future for digital public services, the addition of our blockchain platform to the framework is promising.