Highlights from Mobile World Congress 2018

Mobile World Congress welcomes over 100,000 attendees over four days to the beautiful city of Barcelona, to showcase the newest and most exciting mobile applications.

Wallet.Services was lucky enough to attend as part of the Scottish Development International delegation, alongside other top Scottish tech companies.


This was our first time attending the large-scale conference, so we wanted to share some tips to those who are considering attending or exhibiting in the future.

The conference itself is quite overwhelming, and we treated this year as the year to experience the conference first-hand, and come away with some good insight as to how we can be best prepare ourselves the next time around.

The nature of the event is primarily business-to-business, and we found attendees were happy to network and discuss potential partnerships - versus attendees being heavily sales driven and uninterested in conversations that didn't have a clear ££ outcome. While at the conference, we spoke with companies from Portugal, Spain and Estonia around potential tech collaborations. I'm struggling to think of other scenarios where this international scope of opportunity would present itself. Of course, it also gave us the opportunity to forge relationships with the different Scottish tech companies in attendance too. Typical, going all the way to Barcelona to meet companies that are based 10 minutes up the road from us.

Another tip: do your research. We did plan a little, but after 5 minutes of arriving I realised I hadn't planned enough. There are thousands of exhibitors, so the standard strategy at events of wandering about and networking with exhibitors won't cut it - you need to target specific exhibitors and go and find them. This is where the MWC app was very useful: you could filter attendees by focus area. It makes sense, but I found that usually your same category of target companies are in the same exhibition area so it makes it easier to find them (and less strenuous.)

Final point *and probably the most important*: wear comfy shoes. My blisters are still healing from all the walking.