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Carillion & Interserve: How should the state respond?

The case for further government intervention in the construction industry

Project Bank Accounts (PBA) legislation is already in place for the construction industry in Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Implementing PBAs in the rest of the UK seems the obvious response to this latest crisis in the construction industry.  Is it enough?  Wallet.Services Chairperson, Rab Campbell, argues for a more imaginative response from government to better protect firms at the foot of the supply chain and to unlock additional value.   

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When I was at secondary school in 1989, Sir Tim Berners Lee wrote his paper proposing a World Wide Web of connected computers, which would allow digital exchange of information. I got into it immediately – recognising the potential of www to open up the internet to become a formidable engine for lowering barriers and empowering individuals, governments and businesses…

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Webinar: Securing Cross-Organisational Collaboration

We know that the current underpinnings of the internet – databases (a fifty-year-old technology not designed for data sharing) and TCP IP (a sixty-year-old network tech not built for security) – are not fit for the level of digital life and business activities we do online today. Using the unique advantages of the distributed ledger technology, cross-organisational collaboration can be safer, faster, more cost-effective, up to date, trusted and secured.

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Securing 5G Networks With Blockchain

5G is an emerging technology presenting exciting new opportunities for not only the telecoms industry but agriculture, mining, construction, transportation and countless more. But with this increase in connectivity, the surface area for attack expands in tow. Blockchain is the answer to securing 5G networks.

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