The European Energy system is in transition towards clean energy and high efficiency. Energy companies are tapping into digitalisation to shape a more dynamic and innovative energy sector. Our platform is an enabler for new efficiency opportunities that were previously out of reach for the sector. We are digitally enabling a level of secure transparency in re-manufacturing supply chains.

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Dismantling onshore assets poses a threat to UK carbon targets, making the cheapest source of new power more expensive, so the industry needs to ensure the sites and equipment already in use continues to be supported. The turbine assets are reaching a point in their lifecycle where the decision has to be made to maintain or decommission them. But there is also a third option enabling cost saving and carbon impact reduction. Original assets and their parts can become a part of a circular economy - if their renewal and refurbishment can be tracked and traced in a trusted way, demonstrating they are ‘as new’.



We are developing a solution to transparently and securely track re-manufactured parts in a multi-party energy supply chain. SICCAR, our distributed ledger technology platform, enables organisations to collaborate on sensitive data and support multiple parties to work together with consensus, confidentiality, resiliency and scalability. All transactions about the part are sequentially ordered, visible and immutable, creating a permanent record – a single source of truth - for accountability. The data recorded is digital, and so eliminates the need for paper.


Reducing paperwork - and the delays operating with it creates - can be achieved by developing digitally native processes in the energy sector via SICCAR. The consortium’s project with SICCAR is predicted to reduce remanufacturing supply chain costs by 3+%, as well as create a stronger remanufacturing sector.


Interested in finding out if your digital process, service or app should be built on blockchain? Get in touch with our energy sector expert, Hannah.

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