Food, Drink & Agriculture

Over a third of all the world’s food annually is recalled to be wasted because of its poor quality. This costs the global supply chain over $1tn, and impacts company reputations. Our SICCAR distributed ledger technology platform is an enabler for traceability in supply chains that was previously not possible for the sector.



Many food, drink and agriculture companies are realising the business value of traceability for efficiency, cost savings, and achieving product premiums in the market. However, they must first overcome the mistrust associated with validating claims of product identity and traceability - every action, or inaction, would need to be closely recorded and made available for scrutiny.



Our platform enables traceability and transparency to prove compliance with certain quality standards across food, drink and agriculture supply chains without compromising commercially sensitive information. We are working with these companies to implement track-and-trace of products to provide proof of product provenance and processing.


Consumers eventually could be given full life cycle assurance of overall quality and specific qualities. Producers can prove provenance throughout product life cycle, meaning manufacturers and processors are prepared to pay more for products with certified qualities.

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