Our deep, industry-specific knowledge from two decade’s worth of experience means we fully understand the complex nature of the public sector ecosystem and the collaboration challenges organisations within it face.

From ambitious cost saving and productivity targets in the face of under-funding to minimal shared IT, cyber security, inefficient legacy systems and improving citizen experience; achieving the best collaborative outcomes has never been more challenging.

This is where SICCAR can help.

We enable public service organisations to work together - and with private sector contractors - to achieve the best outcomes securely, efficiently and with minimal IT investment.


The Challenges Our Solution
Siloed Organisations
Government organisations as well as private sector businesses that need to work with them often have with non-integrated systems and minimal shared IT infrastructure.
Tame the complexity of collaboration

Our platform removes the need for shared IT systems or intermediary data sharing platforms, which are often expensive, inefficient and lack appropriate security. Integrate disparate systems through one easy-to-use interface resulting in better, protected access to more data from more sources.

Security breaches and weak privacy and confidentiality protection
Recent high profile data breaches highlight the critical importance of being cyber-resilient. With cyber crime and identity theft on the rise, businesses are looking for ways to protect their data and processes that don’t affect collaboration.
Unprecedented protection

Our technology is cyber resilient with security that compounds over time making your data and processes more robust against subversion or external attack. Our protection benefits also apply to privacy and confidentiality of personal and other sensitive data.

Driving self-service and poor citizen experience
With ambitious productivity targets compounded by cuts in funding, citizen experience has suffered and programs to encourage digital self-service have been slow to materialise.
Transform the citizen experience and encourage self-service

Allow the public to input their information once so it can be shared easily, but most importantly, securely across government. For example in the cases of identity verification and medical records. Give the public peace of mind that their personal data is secure and confidentiality is assured.

Stringent compliance and full oversight
Public services are held to extremely strict compliance and regulatory codes where multiple outsourced services and bundled contracts make full oversight difficult to achieve.
Certainty of data and process integrity

Manage and accurately track the provenance of all data and interactions involved in a particular process. Achieve greater transparency by quickly and easily showing ‘chain of custody’ in regulated processes such as licence applications.

Legacy IT infrastructure
Public service processes are often difficult to change and use outdated legacy systems, which make collaboration with other organisations with more modern systems and processes challenging. Lack of funding makes modernisation of these systems unrealistic.
Leverage the power of your existing IT infrastructure

Capitalise on the benefits of secure data-sharing and continue to work with the IT infrastructure and solutions you currently have in place. Our platform lets you reduce costs with no requirement to upgrade or replace existing systems. Another important benefit is that our interface is highly intuitive which means no learning curve for your staff.

Inefficient paper-based processes
Many public service processes still rely on inefficient paper processes which are labour intensive and open to security breach.
Drive efficiency and save costs

Our platform makes reconciliation and many paper-based processes unnecessary. Your organisation can reduce paperwork through digital and automated processes, which helps to increase productivity and reduce costs associated with paper waste and security concerns.


"Blockchain represents a massive opportunity for the safer delivery of public services, particularly in the wake of recent malware attacks. Wallet.Services was absolutely the right choice for us to run a proof of concept around licensing using their SICCAR platform. They have the capability to help us explore the effective deployment of this technology to the benefit of Scottish citizens and we look forward to a huge progress in this area.”
-Alexander Holt, Head of CivTech, Scottish Government