Currently in Scotland responsibility for issues that affect people with a disability are split between the UK Government and Scottish Government. Scottish Government is in the process of taking much more responsibility in this area. They are actively experimenting to find better ways of ensuring people receive the benefits they are entitled to.

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People with a disability should have freedom, dignity, choice and control over their lives. The Scottish Government wants to remove the barriers that stop people from enjoying equal access to full citizenship by giving them easier access to the entitlements which support them living their lives to the full.  Some of these barriers arise when a person has to prove the same thing to lots of different public sector bodies, often in person and using a piece of paper to prove their entitlement.   


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Utilising the SICCAR distributed ledger technology platform people with a disability, as attested by their GP, will be able to easily and securely reuse that attestation with lots of different public sector bodies. This will make it much easier for them to claim the various benefits they might be entitled to, for example a blue badge parking permit, free bus travel or welfare benefit payments.


With more and more benefits being devolved to The Scottish Government, this project could have a significant impact:  making life better for citizens with a disability, reducing cost and increasing efficiency within the public sector, and taking pressure off skilled NHS resources, such as GPs.  It can also be extended into other areas of citizens’ lives, such as proving  Power of Attorney and academic qualifications, without recourse to paper.   


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