Developing and delivering our SICCAR and Supernode software.



Codebase, 3 Lady Lawson Street

Edinburgh, EH3 9DR

Can work from home ocassionaly.

Monday - Friday

9AM - 5PM

Who We Are

Wallet.Services is a global company, rooted in Scotland. Its sole aim is to streamline, simplify and secure our digital life by accelerating the use and harnessing the benefits of blockchain technology across society.

Developers Matthew Jeorrett and Chris Hunter Working at Wallet.Services

Wallet.Services’ team of engineering and business specialists are driven to transition to a natively digital world, making life easier, fairer and safer now and for generations to come.

The Wallet.Services platform provides the secure foundation on which the next generation of real-world digital applications are built. Their SICCAR solution streamlines, simplifies and secures digital life with blockchain to protect data and the people and organisations that own it. With its range of trusted software development tools, services and partnerships, Wallet.Services educates and enables organisations to accelerate the use of blockchain.

blockchain’s transformative technology is the missing link needed to bring integrity and control to our digital life. It is safe and secure yet transparent, sustainable and democratic.

The Role

We are looking for an enthusiastic developer who is willing to learn and adapt in a start-up environment.

The post is a key member of the development team who will:

Benefits of working at Wallet.Services

  • Market rate salary

  • Flexible working environment

  • Relaxed working environment

  • Pension

  • EMI Share Scheme

Essential Skills

We value communication, passion and team work over everything else, we can help you with lack of knowledge but we need you to bring a willingness to communicate, build the best team you have ever been a member of and challenge us every day to be better.

  • Great communication skills

  • Great teamwork

  • Passionate about your career

Desired Skills 

Front-End Development

  • JavaScript & Typescript

  • Angular2, Redux & Reactive libraries

  • multi language component library’s

API Development

  • Multi-language component libraries incl. C#.NET, Ruby, Python & JavaScript

  • Modern security flows incl. OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect

  • Enterprise integration with Active Directory and IdentityServer

  • Customer and Community Engagement

  • Frontline customer support and requirements gathering

  • Aid with Technical Communications and Hackathons

  • Developer Experience (DX) feedback and Documentation