Manufacturing & Resources


Working with multiple different organisations within a complex supply chain can be a costly, time consuming and inefficient process, especially when businesses within the supply chain want to preserve sensitive, competitive data. With minimal shared IT, disparate databases, strict regulatory compliance and the requirement for robust data security; collaborating to the best effect has never been harder.


Challenges and Solutions

But if you’re only as good as the supply chain you inhabit, how do you ensure the best outcomes when your fate is tied to so many other players? This is where SICCAR can help.

We enable businesses within complex supply chains to work together to achieve the best outcomes securely, efficiently and with minimal IT investment.


Complex, multi-party supply chains.

Organisations within a supply chain often have non-integrated systems and minimal shared IT infrastructure so actions that require unanimous consent are hard to achieve.

Tame the complexity of collaboration 

Our platform removes the need for shared IT systems or intermediary data sharing platforms, which are often expensive, inefficient and lack appropriate security. Integrate disparate systems through one easy-to-use interface resulting in better, protected access to more data from more sources.

Security breaches and weak privacy and confidentiality protection

Recent high profile data breaches highlight the critical importance of being cyber-resilient. With cyber crime and identity theft on the rise, businesses are looking for ways to protect their data and processes that don’t affect collaboration.

Unprecedented protection 

Our technology is cyber resilient with security that compounds over time making your data and processes more robust against subversion or external attack. Our protection benefits also apply to privacy and confidentiality of personal and other sensitive data.

Stringent compliance and full oversight

Many aspects within Manufacturing & Resources are held to extremely strict compliance and regulatory codes where complex supply chains make full oversight difficult to achieve.

Certainty of data and process integrity 

Manage and accurately track the provenance of all data and interactions involved in a particular process. Achieve greater transparency by quickly and easily showing ‘chain of custody’ in regulated processes such as demonstrating provenance of goods, proving credentials etc.

Inefficient paper-based processes

Many process still rely on inefficient paper-based record keeping and reconciliation, which are labour intensive and open to security breach. These paper records are often unsearchable and hard to maintain.

Drive efficiency and save costs 

Our platform makes reconciliation and many paper-based processes unnecessary. Your organisation can reduce paperwork through digital and automated processes, which helps to increase productivity and reduce costs associated with paper waste and security concerns.