Streamlining public services through secure data sharing

Existing technologies, that should underpin data sharing agreements, do not provide sufficient confidence to allow public sector agencies to easily share sensitive data digitally.

This has a profoundly negative impact on citizens, who regularly want to drive transactions that cut across multiple agencies. They see the state as one entity and they do not understand the problem.

Meanwhile the need to maintain existing practices, such as processing paper, using wet signatures and sharing data through the likes of CSV files, are a massive constraint on achieving public sector productivity improvements.

SICCAR resolves these issues by securely holding sensitive data outside of individual organisation’s data silos, allowing its control and use by citizens and public sector agencies according to a mutually agreed set of rules. It allows agencies to collaborate, sharing data in a way that hasn’t been possible before, to improve both their service to citizens and their own organisational efficiency.


The Challenges Our Solution
Improving citizen experience while increasing public sector efficiency
While digital transformation is the answer, it is proving difficult to achieve. With ambitious productivity targets compounded by cuts in funding, citizen experience has suffered and programs to encourage digital self-service have been slow to materialise. It is difficult for disparate parts of the public sector to share sensitive data, which means citizens cannot engage with an integrated, end-to-end process.
High quality self-service

Allow citizens to input their information once so it can be shared easily, but most importantly, securely across government. Relevant data is disclosed to the appropriate organisation at each step in the process. The citizen can track the progress of their transaction online, without the need to contact the organisation they perceive as owning the process.

Security breaches and weak privacy and confidentiality
Recent high profile data breaches highlight the critical importance of being cyber-resilient. Council employees cannot access police systems and vice versa, nor should they. Whenever some form of data sharing is required, complex workarounds are designed which can leave data insecure. Sensitive data is duplicated, making it more vulnerable to attack and more likely to be inaccurate.
Data-driven trust and collaboration

Our technology is cyber resilient with security that compounds over time making your data and processes more robust against subversion or external attack. Privacy and confidentiality of sensitive data is assured by the rules agreed between the parties.

Stringent compliance and auditability
Public services are held to extremely strict compliance and regulatory codes where multiple outsourced services and bundled contracts make full oversight difficult to achieve. Ensuring and proving legislative compliance is challenging and expensive, for both day-to-day transactions and in public enquiry situations.
Certainty of data and process integrity

Our platform provides a single version of the truth, time-stamped in an immutable ledger. This makes it possible to manage and accurately track the provenance of data and interactions - quickly and easily showing the ‘chain of custody’ of sensitive data and proving legislative compliance.

Inefficient paper-based processes
Many public service processes still rely on inefficient paper processes which are labour intensive and open to security breach. These paper records are often unsearchable and hard to maintain.
Drive efficiency and save costs

Our platform makes reconciliation and many paper-based processes unnecessary. Your organisation can reduce paperwork through digital and automated processes, which helps to increase productivity and reduce costs associated with paper waste and security concerns.

Legacy IT infrastructure
A reason organisations need to fall back on paper is because individual systems in the public sector often have a long legacy which makes data sharing and collaboration very difficult. Data integration between different generations of IT is just too complex and expensive to achieve.
Leverage the power of your existing IT infrastructure

SICCAR releases you from these constraints by providing a shared ledger that is external from each participating organisations IT Infrastructure. It allows you to continue to capitalise on your existing IT investments while offering the benefits of a secure data-sharing environment. Our platform lets you achieve this without needing to upgrade or replace existing systems.


"Blockchain represents a massive opportunity for the safer delivery of public services, particularly in the wake of recent malware attacks. Wallet.Services was absolutely the right choice for us to run a proof of concept around licensing using their SICCAR platform. They have the capability to help us explore the effective deployment of this technology to the benefit of Scottish citizens and we look forward to a huge progress in this area.”
-Alexander Holt, Head of CivTech, Scottish Government