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Working with multiple organisations within a complex supply chain can be costly, time consuming and inefficient, especially when these organisations need to preserve their commercially sensitive, competitive data.


Challenges and Solutions

This is where SICCAR can help.

SICCAR applies distributed ledger technology (DLT) and removes its complexity. It lets you to easily design and deploy collaboration solutions which simplify your supply chain operations.


Inefficient paper-based processes

Many supply chains still rely on inefficient paper-based record keeping and reconciliation, which are labour intensive. These records must be maintained to comply with strict manufacturing compliance and regulatory codes.

Automate reconciliation and reduce paper waste 

SICCAR lets you efficiently manage and accurately track the provenance of all data in a supply chain. Easily show ‘chain of custody’ in highly regulated processes.

Security breaches and weak privacy and confidentiality protection 

Recent high-profile data breaches highlight the importance of being cyber-resilient. With cybercrime and identity theft on the rise, data and processes must be protected without stifling collaboration..

Unprecedented protection

Make your supply chain more robust against subversion or attack with our cyber-resilient technology that compounds over time. This protection also applies to privacy and confidentiality of commercially sensitive data without compromising on collaboration.

Lack of transparency or real-time knowledge

The status of an asset is as it moves through the supply chain is only known by the organisation currently working on it. Records of instances are compiled historically, causing process inefficiencies and inaccuracies.

True and trusted synchronous records

Our platform enables all organisations to create and review ‘digital twins’ of an asset’s journey and records as it progresses through the supply chain. This improves transparency and speed, and significantly reduces operating costs.

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“At the AFRC, we see many opportunities for blockchain in digital manufacturing, and we look forward to working further with Wallet.Services and our other clients to explore the cross-sector applications of distributed ledger technologies.”
— Rory Ingram, Product Realisation Technical Lead, AFRC

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