Our SICCAR platform streamlines and secures cross-organisational collaboration with blockchain, to protect data and the people and organisations that own it.

Blockchain is a secure, transparent and inclusive technology that makes data easier to share. Blockchains use cryptography to collect digitally signed data records and make them tamper-proof. These prove ownership, actions and contracts over time as an unchangeable record. This process enables co-operation without intermediary complexity.


3 x 9 table comparing support of features of a traditional IT project vs a project powered by blockchain.

Shared, not siloed. 

We provide Strategic Transformation support to help organisations discover the potential and opportunities of blockchain technology.

For an individual, blockchain can secure and simplify the process of voting online, paying taxes, applying for a mortgage or opening a bank account. For organisations, it secures record keeping and sharing for and between local authorities, government agencies, banks and businesses. On a global level, blockchain is needed for international collaboration on environment, security and trade.


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