Public Sector

The public sector ecosystem is complex. Collaboration challenges between organisations that operate within it leads to many process inefficiencies.


Challenges and Solutions

This is where SICCAR can help.

We enable public service organisations to work together - and with private sector contractors - to achieve the best outcomes securely, efficiently and with minimal IT investment.


Public sector efficiency vs citizen experience

Digital transformation is a goal proving hard to achieve. Many government processes rely on collaboration between multiple agencies and businesses. But because these processes deal with sensitive information, collaboration is often limited affecting citizen experience.

Secure collaboration and quality self-service 

Our platform fully digitises cross-agency processes, allowing sensitive information to be shared between agencies securely without the need for shared IT systems. With agencies only having access to the information they need, citizens receive a synchronous experience and individual agency productivity increases.

Security breaches and lack of trust

Building trust and collaboration is difficult. Although initially web-facing, many applications still rely on paper processes which are inefficient and open to security breach. Too many agencies still use databases for information storage, which aren’t designed for secure sharing.

Data-driven trust and collaboration 

Our platform enables digital-first processes, while leveraging the power of your existing systems. Privacy and confidentiality of sensitive data is assured as data is disclosed only when required, reducing paper waste. SICCAR is cyber resilient with security that compounds over time, and requires low IT investment.

Demonstrating compliance and auditability

Ensuring legislative compliance is challenging and expensive, for both day-to-day transactions and public enquiries. Data originates from a variety of sources so driving process improvements is difficult. Due to agencies not being in sync, sensitive information is sometimes duplicated or incorrect.

Certainty of data and process integrity 

Manage and accurately track the provenance of all data and interactions in a cross-agency process. Security risks are minimised as minimal information is shared with each agency. Achieve greater transparency by easily showing ‘chain of custody’ in regulated processes, all while significantly reducing process costs.

Inefficient paper-based processes

Many public service processes still rely on paper processes which are labour intensive and costly. These paper records are often unsearchable and hard to maintain.

Drive efficiency and save costs 

Our platform makes reconciliation and many paper-based processes unnecessary. Your organisation can reduce paperwork through digital and automated processes, which helps to increase productivity and reduce costs associated with paper waste and security concerns.


Read our report for the Scottish Government on DLT in Public Services


Our Public Sector Customers

Blockchain represents a massive opportunity for the safer delivery of public services, particularly in the wake of recent malware attacks. Wallet.Services was absolutely the right choice for us to run a proof of concept around licensing using their SICCAR platform. They have the capability to help us explore the effective deployment of this technology to the benefit of Scottish citizens and we look forward to a huge progress in this area.
— Alexander Holt, Head of CivTech, Scottish Government