CivTech brings together public-sector expertise and private sector creativity to solve real problems, develop new products, and deliver better, faster and easier services for everyone. Central to the approach is co-production with the citizen.

The Scottish Government Cyber Resilience Unit were one of the challenge sponsors of CivTech 1.0, with the aim of increasing overall cyber resilience in Scotland.


"We have the opportunity to demonstrate how we can make significant advances in establishing, efficiency, certainty, security and trust through the use of blockchain technologies in the Scottish public sector. Wallet.Services, through its engagement in the Civtech Challenge, demonstrated that they have the knowledge, capabilities and drive to make these advances.”

-Keith McDevitt, Cyber Resilience Integrator, Scottish Government

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Digital life relies on collaboration between citizens, government and business. But sharing of sensitive information across organisations is difficult. This means that every task from buying a house to renewing a parking permit is time-consuming, error prone and insecure.

To address these fundamental problems, the Scottish Government’s Cyber Resilience unit set the challenge: how can we use technology to solve these issues and make life simpler, as safe and reliable as possible?


Our first SICCAR prototype applied blockchain to address the issue of data sharing across public sector agencies. Applied to license application and approval, sensitive information can be validated, verified and enforced across government boundaries.

SICCAR cuts red tape in government and gives users safe interactions – through automation and reduced complexity.

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Connected public services can increase overall efficiency and save businesses valuable time and money. The application of blockchain would result in an increase in cyber-resilience, and enforce accountability and compliance. Citizens benefit from minimal disclosure of sensitive information and their data is kept consistent and updated. This prototype has the potential to:

  • Save every citizen 2 weeks of repetitive admin per year

  • Connect over 184 licensing bodies in Scotland