Blockchain for Business

Forward-looking companies have introduced blockchain into their businesses. From moving from a centralised to decentralised infrastructure to considering digital identity assurance. From identifying how multiple parties interact in complex supply chains to securing value exchange and digitally native document transfer, tracking and verification. Intermediaries such as insurers, assurers and lawyers have started to use the technology to resolve disputes via smart contracts.

How do we get started?

Organisations can start on this journey by becoming educated on what possibilities blockchain/DLT offer, and then develop strategic thinking around how these new technologies could practically be applied in creating new value propositions, new business models and learning from collaborations.  This is where we can help.

Wallet.Services offers Strategic Transformation services to help your organisation explore DLT’s potential for moving from a centralised to decentralised infrastructure. With our blockchain expertise, we can accelerate wins for your specific requirements from digital identity assurance, smart contracts, autonomous supply chains to secure value exchange, and digitally native document transfer and tracking.

Digital Transformation expert Dr Hannah Rudman leads our Strategic Transformation services. Hannah brings to Wallet.Services her experience of applying - to over 250 enterprises of all scales and sectors - business strategy, design thinking, innovation, creativity and behavioral science to develop transformational journeys. Her experience considering blockchain’s potential for business since 2015 means you can work with her to discover whether and how distributed ledger technology might transform your organisation and the services you provide.