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Siccar streamlines, simplifies and secures digital life with Blockchain to protect data and the people and organisations that own it.

Our SICCAR use case was built in close collaboration with Scottish Government. It was designed specifically for cross-agency working, and applied to application and approval in government.

SICCAR protects the individual and reduces risk and investment for government and business.

Siccar won Scottish Government's CivTech Cybersecurity challenge, where it was recognised for its potential to make significant advances in national cybersecurity. It was a finalist in the CitiBank Tech for Integrity Challenge, and won the Best Cyber Breakthrough Award at the Scottish Cyber Awards 2017.


Blockchain is a secure, transparent and inclusive technology that makes data easier to share. Blockchains use cryptography to collect digitally signed data records and make them sure and tamper proof. These prove ownership, actions and contracts over time as an unchangeable record. This process enables co-operation without intermediary complexity.

Download our SICCAR Whitepaper:

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