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Siccar for Sharing

Organisations store citizen information in centralised databases, often referred to as ‘Data Islands’, which are shielded from any outside access. This makes sharing of citizen information between agencies difficult.

This is because different organisations have different complex security models, and so must resort to communication by less secure methods like email or post. Data is stored locally, and sometimes insecurely, by various government agencies – which means that anyone could view, modify or even delete it.

Siccar is a solution for cyber secure sharing. It lets citizens, business and government collaborate on their data, using agreed compliant processes.

Siccar does this by managing integration of organisations’ complex security models. By unifying these tailored processes, data is kept in its original form, complexity is reduced and efficiency is improved.

Siccar also ensures all connected organisations are compliant. By design, Siccar won’t accept noncompliant data transactions, so no unauthorised requests for data can take place. Our solution leaves an immutable audit trail of all data transactions, which ensures all parties are accountable and reporting is made easy.


Siccar for Security

Organisational databases can be insecure. With one focus point for corruption or attack, sensitive information is at risk of being accessed by unauthorised users.

Due to the centralised storage of citizen information, data is duplicated instead of shared to the relevant parties involved during an application. This makes updating and deletion of data difficult, and leaves implications for data control regulations.


Siccar applies blockchain – a cyber secure, distributed ledger technology. All information is tamper-proof and sensitive data is encrypted so that only the intended recipients can access it. Siccar adopts the advantages of a peer-to-peer network, which leaves no focus for a denial of service or other cyber-attack. It benefits from the resilience of a blockchain network – even if manipulation of data were possible, it would be automatically corrected by the network.

Siccar only allows for one version of the truth. As data is stored as a digital-first object, it is kept consistent and updated. When data must be changed or deleted, it is instantly synchronised to the entire network.

Siccar has the ability to increase organisational, national and even international cyber resilience; while directly supporting future trends such as Anywhere Access and the Internet of Things.

Siccar for Strategy

Current systems aren’t future proof. They are often too rigid to support change, are incompatible with future technology and unable to scale to meet requirements.

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Siccar has the potential to enable paperless, digital-first public services. Blockchain peer-to-peer clients benefit from massive scalability and cost-effectiveness, without compromising on security. Their use of tamper-proof local storage saves on hosting costs, and Siccar’s promise of streamlining processes can result in savings relating to support and maintenance.

Siccar presents an opportunity to introduce modern standards for data. By proving an open approach to creating, publishing and consuming standards for data and security, integration of various business and government services would be possible - therefore improving the overall citizen experience.

Siccar was built in close collaboration with Scottish Government, and was applied to the License, Permit and Application approval process; maintaining integrity through submission, validation, payment and enforcement. Siccar integrates into present agency systems, and migration is simplified by sharing of existing data as required. Siccar will enable fully automated application management, and cut red tape in government.





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